Freelance Writing is a creative challenge?


Flowers Blooming Up
Flowers Blooming Up


I can remember that my first ever writing is about my mother.  That was for our college wall paper.  That article was praised by my class teacher and she forecasted that I would be good writer one day.  That was how I started my writing career. 

The very same thing encourages me to write further and further.  When I grew up and passed different steps in the educational ladder, I moved my writing towards different subjects. Accordingly, when I started my university education in engineering subjects, my writing turned more towards technical matters.

So, what I believe is that every person finds some sort of area of writing peculiar to him.  It is because he likes that subject, and he knows and is familiar about the subject.  Ghost writers keep on writing on such stories; technical people write on more or less similar subjects relevant to technical matters and technical papers on researches; and many people write about social matters, and politics.  So, there is no challenge. They just keep on writing.

But in freelance writing, although many freelance writers limited their writings to a particular niche, they are always to catch and target a particular group who wish to read the subject. Most of the times, as freelance writers, we write for the other’s requirement, topics and for web sites they have formed according to their ideas and views.  So, it is a good challenge, a creative challenge.  So, I would rather like to write on different subjects although I used to write more in engineering matters.  Then we can research, learn and write to satisfy the client and the SEO requirements.  At the same time we have written to satisfy the readers who are waiting for our writings under the particular subject.  So, I like freelance writing rather than I wrote to the local publishers.

N. Wimalsiri
Freelance Writer, Copy Writer
Consultant on Planning and Construction of Buildings and Roads
Consultant on Geotechnical Engineering matters

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