මෙම වර්ගයේ, විවිධ ප්‍රමානයේ, මල් සහිත හා මල් රහිත ඇන්තුරියම් පැල විකිනීම සඳහා නිකුත්කර ඇත. පැල මිලදී ගැනීමට අවශ්‍ය අය විමසන්න.

Anthurium plants of this variety with flowers and without flowers and with different sizes are now available for sale. If you are willing to purchase, please inquire.

Liliput, as its name means, is a small size Anthurium plant. So, it takes a long time to become a reasonable size plant, but it easily develop as a bush. It is a beautiful variety of Anthurium. The color of the spathe is white and it takes reddish color towards to the tip of the Spathe. At the same time, area near the bottom edge of the Spathe is green. Shape of the Spathe is somewhat close to the Tulip Shape. The tender Spadix is dark red color and with time its color reduces and becomes greenish. Leaves are heart shaped and dark green in color. This is a very good variety to grow as a indoor plant.

Please, place your order or make your inquiry through:

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Messenger: Oura Anthos Flower garden

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Website: https://ouraanthosthenature. com/contact-us/

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