Gregory lake was originally developed under the authority of Sir William Gregory in 1873.  It has been constructed damming of the Thalagala stream, which originates from Mount Pidurutalagala.  In 1913 the waters of the lake were directed into a tunnel which flows to a hydro power station at ‘Blackpool’. 

This is a prominent place in Nuwaraeliya and a popular tourist destination where local and foreign tourist visit, spent their time and relax.

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Also, these tourists can enjoy with boat riding in Gergory lake and recently, many other recreational facilities have been introduced including cycling. 

Months of April and May of each year are the most beautiful periods due to blooming of all trees in the Nuwaraeliya area.  Therefore, Municipal Authorities specially arrange the area providing necessary public facilities and the whole city gets ready to welcome the tourists.  If you wish to visit Nuwaraeliya during the next season, you will have to get reserved your accommodation well in advance.

Following are some of the pictures of flowers at Gregory Lake Park taken during the month May, 2019.

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