This is the first ever E – Class Highway constructed in Sri Lanka.  It Starts from Kottawa on Colombo – Rathnapura – Wellawaya – Batticaloa Highway (A 04) in Western Province and ends at Hambantota in Southern Province running over a length of 222km. The Section up to Galle completed in November, 2011; section up to Matara in March, 2014; and the last section from Mathara to Hambantota completed in February, 2020.

This expressway is running through various geographical zones and beautiful scenic areas with rubber, coconut, tea and paddy lands, mountainous ranges, rivers and streams, natural forests and so on.  Over this section of 222km one can experience different climatic and whether conditions.  Here are several beautiful pictures taken on Southern Expressway.

The following video is you to experience the charming beauty of the Expressway between 26th and 30th kilometers around 6a.m.

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