Wimalsiri is an experienced civil engineer who specialized in construction and designs of buildings, highways and expressways. He is very much interested in building planning and related structural designs.

He is a consultant in Geo-technical Engineering, too.

For a period of more than two and half decades, he has been mainly working on engineering activities as it is being his profession.

Growing Anthurium is a  his hobby.  He and his wife are jointly managing an Anthurium plant nursery with a name of “Oura Anthos Flower Garden” in a charming environment in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Although, he has specialized in civil engineering subjects as his main carrier, he has been continuously writing not only on technical matters but also on general matters since his school days.

So, Wimalsiri cannot stop writing and he wants keep on writing.  Hence, he has been working towards his life interest, Freelance Writing.

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