GROUND ORCHID – මල් සහිත සහ මල් රහිත පැල

ඡායාරූපවල දැක්වෙන බිම් ඕකිඩ් වර්ග වල මල් සහිත සහ මල් රහිත පැල ඇත.

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This is a Railway Bridge (Viaduct) located at Gotuwala between Ella and Demodara Railway Stations on Colombo – Badulla, (Upcountry) Railway Line.  This is attracted by both foreign and local tourists not only due to its specialty of the structural form of the bridge but also due to the natural beauty of the area and the geographical condition of the location.

Location Map,+Ella/@6.8768151,81.0608465,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x71f8fd744e280558!8m2!3d6.8768151!4d81.0608465

This bridge has been constructed by the Britishers during the First World War 1 and commissioned in the year 1921.  There are many folktales behind this construction of the bridge. In Sinhala Language this bridge is known as “දෙමෝදර අහස් පාලම” which means Sky Bridge at Demodara because when one looks at this bridge from the bottom of the bridge, it looks like that the bridge is constructed in the sky due to its orientation and the height.

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This bridge consisted of nine arches with the total length of the bridge being 300 feet and the height 80 feet.  The specialty of this construction is that the bridge has been constructed with only stones, brick and cement; and no steel reinforcement bars had been used.

Nine Arch Bridge at different angles

One reason for the tourist attraction is the architectural form of the bridge.  The bridge has been constructed connecting two mountains as a curved bridge. 

At the same time, at the one end of the bridge, there is a railway tunnel.  So when the train is traveling towards Badulla, the train suddenly appears from the tunnel before it travels over the bridge.  In the other way, when the train travels in the opposite direction, it sees that the train passes over the Nine Arch Bridge and it suddenly disappears through the tunnel .    

Also, this area is covered with the greenery forest surrounded by the mountains in all direction.  When all these things are taken together, when a train traveling over the bridge, they altogether create a very beautiful and marvelous scenery. Because of that, when tourists visit this site; they, in advance, arrange the visit considering the Train Time Table or otherwise, they spend many hours there until a train passes over this location.

COLOMBO FORT to DEMODARA – Train (Railway) schedule

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Horton Plain is a National Park located in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka.  This is a world heritage Site and rich in Biodiversity. It is situated in a location of 8 kilometers from Ohiya and 20 kilometers from Nuwaraeliya.

Location Map

Originally, this area was known as Maha Eliya Plains (මහ එලිය තැන්න) and three main rivers namely Mahaweli, Kalani and Walawe are starting from this area.

In this area temperature varies considerably within a short period such as it raised up to 27 degrees centigrade during the day and can drop up to 5 degrees centigrade during the night. So, Horton Plain is a very cool and calm area.

Every location and every direction of the surrounding is so beautiful.  There are a number of plants endemic to the area.

There are a number of beautiful flowers very peculiar to the area.

The trees in the area look very beautiful way due to the very low temperature and windy climate.

Even the tender leaves of the trees seem beautiful due to their nature and colors.

Also the grass bushes and grass lands are nice looking due to the way they have grown under this cool and wet climatic condition.

This is a National Park that a lot of tourists wish to travel and the famous World’s End, a sheer precipice, also located in the Horton Plain.

A most common animal, one can see in this park is Sri Lankan Sambar Deer. 

Once, you enter this Horton plain, you start to feel that your mind and the environment are one and you forget all other things and start to live with it. 

The duty of all ours is the protection of this invaluable natural environment for the future.


This Anthurium variety is having a spathe with bright purple color. With time this color get blurred and become pink or red. The shape of the Spathe is a blend of heart shape and cup shape. Spadix is dark purple in color and long. The leaves are dark green in color, heart shaped and curved little upward. This variety is having a higher demand and Popular as a house plant.

මෙම වර්ගයේ, විවිධ ප්‍රමානයේ, මල් සහිත හා මල් රහිත ඇන්තුරියම් පැල විකිනීම සඳහා නිකුත්කර ඇත. පැල මිලදී ගැනීමට අවශ්‍ය අය විමසන්න.

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