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Here is a brief description on how and why I get on to Anthurium growing and Freelance Blogging.



I was born in a very remote village in Sri Lanka and it was a beautiful village.  So, I spent my whole childhood in a natural environment which is full of natural forests, flowers, animals, birds, butterflies, mountains, rivers and so on.  Therefore, there were various beautiful flower plants grown in my home garden.  So, growing of flower plants has been one of my habit.  I didn’t have a life without trees, flowers and animals.

Even after I started my own life as a Civil Engineer and with my wife and children in an urban environment in Kandy, Sri Lanka; I used to grow various flower plants in my home garden. I had a great support from my wife as she is also fond of growing flowers.  Also, the moderately cool environment in Kandy area is quite appropriate for growing most of the plants.

Actually, this activity gave us a very beautiful, calm and quite environment for our new house.  It helps us in two ways: it makes our minds calm and very peaceful; and it also, attracts birds, bees and other creatures to our home garden which help us in pollination of our flower plants and fruit plants.

So, we, both, thought to go one step further and to start an Anthurium nursery which gives us a good income.   Anthurium is a tropical plant which  gives beautiful flowers through out the year and there is a  large variation of colors and shapes.  Specially, this flowers last for a long period without changing its color and the brightness in the plant itself and even after the flower is cut off from the plant.  Therefore, there is a good commercial demand locally and internationally for both Anthurium flowers and plants.


When I was a small child, I was very interesting about beautiful houses and I was always looking at beautiful styles and different features of them while I was moving on roads.  One day, my class teacher of the primary school asked the children of the class that what our expectations were.  Being a very enthusiastic student of the class, I straightaway replied that I wanted to be a Mason. The teacher asked the reasons and my reply was that I wanted to build my own beautiful house.  By that time, I had seen only masons were working in construction of houses.  Then, my teacher kindly told me “My son, if you want to build nice houses, not only for you but also for others who need nice houses, you should become a Civil Engineer”.  So, these words deposited in the deepest places of my mind and the same led me to become a civil engineer.

After I became a civil Engineer, I got a lot of chances for joining in construction of houses and other types of buildings; and also attending various problems in maintenance of buildings.  Several years later, I joined Road Development Authority of Sri lanka, a government organization  who handle all planning, construction and maintenance of roads and expressways in the country. It was a very good experience I had in my career. With these experiences, I understood one thing that a lot of house (or building) owners faced many problems in later time due to the improper planning,  incorrect construction methods and inapropriate materials they had used in construction of their houses.


So, I thought I should share my experience with many others who need my service and I started writing on my favorite subjects Anthurium growing, the nature and Civil Engineering in the view of acknowledging the public.

Hence, through this blog, Oura Anthos And The Nature, I hope to share my experiences and explain in a simple way about information on various types of Anthurium plants spread all over the world and how one should start growing Anthurium.  secondly, I would write about the beautifulness of scenic locations I have visited during my life.  Also, through this blog, I hope to share my experience in civil Engineering.  I hope to share my views with others who are involving in these subjects and answer problems faced by the people. I offer Freelance Writing and consultancy services on above subjects.

Anthurium Grower,  Freelance Writer
Consultant on Civil Engineering

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