Types of Anthurium

The categorization of Anthurium has been done in different manner i.e.: based of the origin, usage and physical appearance of the flower and the foliage.

The Anthurium specie is an herbaceous epiphytes which means, originally, the plant grows on trees. They absorb necessary nutrients from air, water and decayed material accumulated around the plant. Anthurium belongs to the Arum family (Araceae). Mainly there are two Anthurium species, namely the Anthurium Scherzerianum and the Anthurium Andreanum.

Anthurium Scherzerianum

This type of Anthurium has round or oval shape (Egg shape) spathe and a thin flower spike. Some times, this type is also known as Flamingo flower due to its pink color, but it is also found in other colors like bright orange and purple.

Anthurium Andreanum

This type is also having a similar look, but its spathe has a plastic and lacquer-like shine. Anthurium Andreanum is different from Anthurium Scherzerianum with its way of flowering and blossoming, and the arrangement of the flowers on the stalks. The spathe is having a heart shape and its flowering spike is thick and straight.

Also the Anthurium is categorize based on the shape of its spathe. Following are some of such common types.

Tulip shaped

This type has been given its name due to its tulip shaped flower.

Ribbon Shaped

Flowers of these Anthurium types have a narrow ribbon shape.

Heart Shaped

When people talk about Anthurium, naturally they feel it is heart shaped. It is the traditional shape.

Cup Shaped

This type also gives its name totally due to its shape of the spathe. it is round and there is a depth rather than a flat spathe.

Other types of categorization of Anthurium

Categorization of Anthurium has been done due to various reasons. Anthurium is an item that spreads very rapidly all over the world. Although one plant is given a specific name due to scientific reasons or based on the locality of the origin or as a hybrid variety, the same name is very differently used in other part of the world that they made them their own because people love Anthurium so much. Because of that, one variety of plant can be categorized under more than one group. Following are some of the several such types;

Lady Jane Anthurium

This is a type of Anthurium developed in Hawaii in the early stages of producing hybrid varieties and their flowers are smaller and more narrow than other types. The color of the spathe is light red and spadix, white or pink. The stem is long and narrow. But now a days, the name Lady Jane is commonly used for a series of Anthurium varieties with similar shape and size. This type can be easily cultivated in tropical countries. Propagation of Lady Jane plants are successful by dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs. Plant does not set seed, flowers are sterile, or plants will not come true from seeds.

Cut Flower Anthurium and Potted Anthurium

Cut flower is a flower or a bud which is separated from the mother plant. This name is not specific to Anthurium and it is relevant for many other flowers. Cut flower is required when it is necessary to use the flower in place other than in the mother plant it self, specially for decorative purposes. Normally cut flowers are used in vases or used to decorate various locations like offices, wedding halls, auditoriums etc. and some times used to offer as gifts.

After separated from the mother plant, most of the flowers cannot maintain their quality for more than a few days. But, specialty of Anthurium is that the cut flowers can be kept for more than three weeks without changing its original quality when the flower is plucked at the right time. So they can be easily transported to distance places and even overseas without damaging the flower. Also there are many treatments that can be adopted to increase the life time of the cut flower. Therefore, there is a big demand for Anthurium cut flower in the international market.

There are many types of Anthurium cultivated for cut flowers and normally the size of the plant and the flower are comparatively larger. So it is difficult to cultivate them in pots. Also, there are certain varieties which relatively small its plant and the flower, and hence they can be cultivated in pots and known as potted Anthurium. The potted Anthuriums are frequently used for decorating and indoor landscaping as they are attractive and looks beautiful as the whole plant. They have an unprecedented flowering span, and remarkably easy to care for.

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The Anthurium, its genus name, comes from two Greek words ‘Oura’ and ‘Anthos’ which means “tail flower”. This name is quite appropriate for this plant due the shape of its flower which consists of a spathe and a spadix.  The family name that the Anthurium plant belongs to is  Arum (Araceae).  The Anthurium plant is often growing as an Epiphyte on other plants.  The moisture and nutrient required for the growth of the plant are absorbed from the air, rain, water (in marine environments) or from debris accumulating around it.

Red Fungi in Tusmanian Rainforest.  Thanks to Kacharava – https://images.app.goo.gl/wPepYKbHyvRzK4WD6 

The Anthurium plant has originated in the tropical rainforest of  South America, specially in the area between southwestern Colombia and northwestern Ecuador.  These plants have been there untouched for several hundreds of years and there had been no any interest on this plant by native people.  It could be due to that those plants had no such beautiful look what we are looking for today with different varieties of Anthurium.  A businessman called Samuel Samon brought Anthurim first time to Hawaii and introduced to the people.  In the latter part of 1930’s, people learned to propagate Anthurium through seeds and this made a vast change of producing different varieties of this plant with different shapes and colors through selective breeding.

In 1940s in Hawaii, this Anthurium became an economically valuable plant and popular among tourists.  Thereafter, with the invention of the Airplane, Anthurium plantation become an international business.

Scientific name of this beautiful flower is Anthurium andraeanum.  people of the world named this flower with different names such as  Flamingo Flower, Laceleaf, Tailflower, Flamingo Lily, Painter’s Palette etc.


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