This is a Bangkok Anthurium variety with bright colors. The color of the spathe is bright red at its middle portion and towards the sides it is reddish green. The Spathe is long and twisted upward at sides. Spadix is pink in color. The leaves are dark green in color, heart shaped and curved little upward. This variety is having a higher demand and Popular as a house plant.

මෙම වර්ගයේ, විවිධ ප්‍රමානයේ, මල් සහිත හා මල් රහිත ඇන්තුරියම් පැල විකිනීම සඳහා නිකුත්කර ඇත. පැල මිලදී ගැනීමට අවශ්‍ය අය විමසන්න.

Anthurium plants of this variety with flowers and without flowers in different sizes are now available for sale. If you are willing to purchase, please comment.

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