This is the first ever E – Class Highway constructed in Sri Lanka.  It Starts from Kottawa on Colombo – Rathnapura – Wellawaya – Batticaloa Highway (A 04) in Western Province and ends at Hambantota in Southern Province running over a length of 222km. The Section up to Galle completed in November, 2011; section up to Matara in March, 2014; and the last section from Mathara to Hambantota completed in February, 2020.

This expressway is running through various geographical zones and beautiful scenic areas with rubber, coconut, tea and paddy lands, mountainous ranges, rivers and streams, natural forests and so on.  Over this section of 222km one can experience different climatic and whether conditions.  Here are several beautiful pictures taken on Southern Expressway.

The following video is you to experience the charming beauty of the Expressway between 26th and 30th kilometers around 6a.m.

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This is the tallest light house in Sri Lanka and it is currently used for navigational purposes, specially to guide the direction for the sea vessels.  This light house has been designed and constructed by William Douglass of the Imperial Lighthouse Service in 1889.   Dondra Head Light House is octagonal in shape, constructed with bricks and painted in white.  This is located at the south most point of Sri Lanka called Point Dondra and it is at a distance of about 6km from Matara, the main city of the Southern Province, Sri Lanka.  The name Dondra is “Devi-Nuwara” in Sinhala meaning “City of Gods”.

Several Views of Dondra Head Light House

Height of this light house is 160ft and tourist can climb up this under the permission of Sri Lanka Port Authority who manages and operates the light house currently.  But, time to time, this had been closed for tourists due to security reasons.

Location on Google Map,++Dondra/@5.9199512,80.5915551,18z/data=!3m1!4b1?hl=en

This is a tourist attractive location in Sri Lanka and also there is a beautiful sea around the location.

At this location, also, there is a special survey monument, a “Fundamental Bench Mark” constructed by the Department of Surveys, Sri Lanka which establishes the height above Mean Sea Level (MSL) precisely.

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